What We Do
Visionary Ventures, run by seasoned biopharmaceutical industry veterans, uniquely combines our 20+ years of experience leading global pricing and market access organizations with equal expertise building resourceful approaches to solve the very same challenges that our clients face today.
Our leaders have priced, negotiated, launched and implemented market access strategies for 15 new drugs since 2009 and over 300 life science products in all that include multiple billion-dollar drugs. We now share with clients our practical knowledge, the same proven, comprehensive working practices that surpassed the tests of time and market success, and strategic recommendations for clients to move confidently ahead.
With an unwavering commitment to continuously innovate our capabilities, we have partnered with Health Strategies Group, the industry leader in market access intelligence and research since 1992. Together we bring exceptional value to our clients through an advanced set of global market access business competencies that transform research results into practical knowledge and strategic recommendations for market success.
Our Network of Global Market Access Stakeholders Provides a 360° View for Clients to Navigate the Uncertainty of Connected Global Market Access Systems Under Unprecedented Transformation
To learn more about Health Strategies Group, visit www.healthstrategies.com/global